Covers care and maintenance of the hammered dulcimer. Common problems such as bridge placement, changing strings, cleaning, and tuning are discussed.

         Beginning/ Intermediate - Covers major/minor scales and major/minor chords. Includes hammer patterns for practicing both scales and chords.

        Intro to the hammered dulcimer including scales, chords, and hammer patterns. Several simple tunes are taught.

         Beginning to intermediate - Covers tuning, chords and several standard uke tunes in the public domain.

        Covers tuning, chords, scales, and several simple melodies

       Mountain or Hammered Dulcimer - Intermediate to advanced-Rhythmic and melodic liberties are taken on several common fiddle tunes. Rhythm patterns are tabbed out as well as alternate melodies. Rhythm instruments are provided or bring your own.

        All levels - Same as above for Mountain dulcimer

        Same as above but specifically for mountain or hammered dulcimer.

        B/I - Covers techniques and tunes found in Old Time music.

        B/I - Covers several tunes in the public domain that were recorded by the Carter Family

       I/A - Covers pick technique, rhythms, and melody for several common jigs, reels, and  hornpipes.      

           I/A - Play the bass dulcimer like a bass guitar. Covers alternating bass, bass runs, walking bass, blues, and boogie woogie.

        B/I - Covers basic upright bass techniques including alternating bass, bass runs, boogie woogie, blues and bowing