New CD by Jim & Cheri Miller
"Pretty Good Tunes"

17 tracks featuring guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimers, octave mandolin and fiddle, and mandolin

CD - $15.00 + $3.00 shipping

1. Camp Meeting on the 4th of July/Old Yellow Dog 10. Lord Inchiquin
2. Shenandoah Falls/Crossing the Big Scotia 11. Little Billy Wilson/Three Thin Dimes
3. Rights of Man 12. Colored Aristocracy
4. Cuffy/ Dixie Hoedown 13. Twin Sisters/Booth Shot Lincoln
5. Indian Eat a Woodchuck 14. Margret's Waltz
6. Dutch Girl Waltz 15. Texas/Yellow Gal
7. Bull at the Wagon/Sandy Boys 16. Ashgrove
8. Coleman's March/Seneca Square-dance 17. Don Tremaine's Reel/Morpeth's Rant
9. Ragtime Annie    

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